Whether for profit or social motives - and often both - an increasing number of investors are targeting opportunities in African agriculture. At the same time innovative approaches for deploying aid to support farming businesses linked to smallholders are emerging. This blog provides a snapshot of who is doing what, where and how.

23 October 2010

"We cannot solve the problem of poverty without sustainable increases in agricultural productivity"

An internal review of World Bank projects shows that its activities in Africa have not performed very well in terms of boosting agricultural productivity or improving rural livelihoods. The Independent Evaluation Group (IEG) assessment presents a sobering picture of how little the World Bank Group has done over the past decade or so in that task and the need to do more and do it better.

Enhanced agricultural growth and productivity are essential if we are to meet the worldwide demand for food and reduce poverty, particularly in the poorest developing countries. The World Bank Group has a unique opportunity to match the increases in financing for agriculture with a sharper focus on improving agricultural growth and productivity in agriculture-based economies, notably in Sub-Saharan Africa.
Read the full Independent Evaluation Group (IEG) report