Whether for profit or social motives - and often both - an increasing number of investors are targeting opportunities in African agriculture. At the same time innovative approaches for deploying aid to support farming businesses linked to smallholders are emerging. This blog provides a snapshot of who is doing what, where and how.

26 January 2010

Beira Agriculture Growth Corridor - Delivering the Potential

In a major new report Beira Agriculture Growth Corridor - Delivering the Potential, InfraCo shows how the Beira corridor region of south eastern Africa can become a world class agricultural producer, eliminating food imports.

The report launched on Wednesday 27 January at the World Economic Forum in Davos identifies 190,000 hectares in Mozambique as having the potential to generate revenues for farmers of more than US$1 billion per year. But lack of irrigation, grid-connected electricity and all-weather feeder roads make this impossible.

Patient capital is needed to unlock the potential. It is used to finance " agriculture-supporting " infrastructure, especially irrigation, and make it available to farmers at affordable cost. The result: vastly improved yields, lower costs and the ability for farmers to compete in domestic, regional and global markets. More informtion on BAGC website