Whether for profit or social motives - and often both - an increasing number of investors are targeting opportunities in African agriculture. At the same time innovative approaches for deploying aid to support farming businesses linked to smallholders are emerging. This blog provides a snapshot of who is doing what, where and how.

22 January 2010

African fruit farmers get funding from big business

Coca Cola has entered a partnership with The Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation and TechnoServe, a non -profit organisation, to provide $11.5 million in aid to 50,000 farmers. The aim is to improve their productivity and double their incomes by 2014.

TechnoServe has partnered with Cargill, Kraft, Nestle and Unilever, and has helped expand businesses in over 30 countries. The implementation of this partnership will build on a track record of similar schemes underway across Africa including banana, cashews, cocoa and coffee. The Gates Foundation has committed more than $1.4 billion to agriculture projects in Sub-Saharan Africa and South Africa. International Supermarket news article.